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September 2019

August 2019

Week 2

This week we began core skills. The group took to this like fish to water diving deeply and working hard.
While we spent plenty of time on core skills we also spent time exploring Opechee Park, working on conflict resolution and respecting our peers, developing SMART goals, and learning about the Challenge Doughnut and recognizing when we are in our safe zone, challenge zone or panic zone. Mr. TJ told us an Abenaki Indian story about the night sky and he also read a few stories including My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook.
And, of course, we enjoyed our weekly hike. This week we went to Chamberlain-Reynolds Memorial Forest. While hiking we saw a young Bald Eagle, a Loon, and many different amphibians. We also discovered gold thread (or Canker root) and found a tree that was scarred from a black bear's claws!

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