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This has been the first full week of our social distancing and/or quarantine. So far things seem to be going well. We have continued having morning and closing circles, core skills, civilizations, communication, and quest. There has definitely been some adjustment to the new online chat platform, but overall we are trying to keep a similar schedule and activities that the Eagles would have been having in the studio. I am looking forward to hearing about progress on the family badges that the Eagles and families are working on. 
For communications, the Eagles wrote stories about someone being kind to them and then learned to write 5 new words in another language. We had words from French, Latin, and Chinese! It was interesting to have such a diverse set of languages. 
In civilizations this week we talked about the Mauryan Empire of India and the great King Asoka who swore off violence after he saw how it affected the people. Then headed to China where we talked about Shui Huangdi and the Qin empire and their development of Calligraphy.
We look forward to seeing the Eagles and everyone when we get back to the studio. We hope everyone is happy and healthy. We know things are exceptionally challenging right now. It is hard to step into "guide" role instead of "parent" role and to not help them accomplish their tasks and not answer questions. We encourage you all to remember that our Eagles are capable of greatness and to look for opportunities to let them show you how great they can be! Redirect, redirect, redirect and instead of helping, offer encouragement and growth-mindset praise for effort. A professor of mine once said: "Don't be afraid to let them fail, mostly because when you think everything has gone wrong and it will all fall apart is when they somehow pull it off out of nowhere and it was better than you could have imagined it."
Here is Laura's blog on tips to creating a Family Plan (one of the Family Badges): https://www.actonacademyparents.com/are-you-a-skeptic-of-family-plans/
A look back at some of our favorite memories since August : )


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