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In the Entrepreneurship Quest this week the Eagles have been working on their businesses. They worked on the unit economics of their business and how much profit they can make. They stepped into the role of the boss and began to think about how many employees they could have and how much they could spend to keep them working. We also looked at how competition affects us in our businesses.
During Civilizations this week we discussed the early days of Christianity and the end of the kingdom of the Israelites. For Christianity, like Buddhism, we focused on the most formative teachings of Jesus Christ and what happened to his followers after his death. On Thursday we talked about how the Jewish nation ended under Rome and their treatment by many of the powers in the area and the effects that had on them.
In Creators Workshop we kept working on the story of our lives. We discussed how our experiences like the ones we are writing/drawing/singing about shape who we are as a person. We also talked about how different forms of art can be used to create positive feelings and even bring about peace.
For Art, we are continuing with Art To You with Larry Frates. The Eagles seem to really enjoy the classes.
In Music class we had a bit of a rough time getting going. Then, once we knew what we were doing, we had a great time playing digital instruments and working on our rhythms on an electric drum kit!
We had a great morning circle discussion on the difference between effort and trying. The Eagles showed just how insightful they can be. Recognizing that putting in effort means that you worked hard to accomplish a goal and a try was an attempt but said nothing about how hard you worked.
Kindness class has continued with Ms. Anna. The Eagles explored how emotions and thoughts can keep our minds busy and focusing attention can make our minds calm. We also talked about how sometimes we need to wait to do something but then we feel good when we get our turn. The Eagles practiced saying "I'm waiting" and feeling calm about that with the knowledge that they will feel good when they get their turn.
We had a really great parent meeting on Thursday - thank you to everyone for your engagement!
Here is a link to Laura's Blog, a deep dive into Step 1 on how to be more Socratic at home.


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