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This week during Entrepreneur quest time we have been focusing on our ability to sell. Creating sales pitches and practicing them. This has been helping us get ready for the Children's Business Fair and for the exhibition. which is coming up soon. We will be "selling" our products and seeing if we are able to be competitive in the market.
We had a morning launch discussion on diversifying our core skills. We talked about how, even if our jobs are primarily about our ability to do math, that being able to communicate in writing and to know how to read is still important.
In Civilizations, we started in on the fall of Rome. Talking about The Emperor Nero and the splitting of the empire into east and west.
In Music, this was Miss Karen's week off so Mr. TJ took over and worked on rhythms and some piano work.
For art, we are still joining Art To You class with Larry Frates.
We had a grand finale on Friday when Mr TJ and Ms. Mary revealed the new addition to the playground at the Studio!! The Eagles are super excited to use the new play structure, especially since town playgrounds are currently closed. You can see a video tour of the new playground on our facebook page!
Here is a link to Laura's blogs on a deep dive into being Socratic at home Step 2 and Step 3.


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