Week 32
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Week 33

Thank you to everyone who joined our E-ship Exhibition! The Eagles were excited to share their musical accomplishments and their businesses and booths that they created during the Entrepreneurship Quest.
This week we finished Civilizations for the year with the fall of Rome. The Eagle's insight into the end of the Roman Empire was fascinating. especially regarding the last emperor and his age.
We had a discussion launch this week on Mother's Day and it's history. If you have the time it is quite fascinating to learn about. The Eagles may have some interesting things to say about it.
Ms. Mary delivered the Eagle's musical instruments to their houses this week. Music was extra fun having our harmonica's and recorders to play. The Eagles are showing growth in their musical skills, as evidenced during the Exhibition.
We finished the E-ship quest and The story of My Life Creator's Workshop this week. I appreciate all of the hard work that was put in by the Eagles and those that supported them.
We hope you have a joyous Mother's Day weekend!
Here are the links to Laura's final 2 blogs about being Socratic at home: Step 3 and Final Steps


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