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This week we started our Gardening Quest! We are experimenting to better understand plants and how they execute life functions like eating, breathing, and growing. We are exploring this through targeted experiments like coloring carnations, showing how capillary action draws water up plants. 
During music this week we kept working with harmonicas and learned some new songs. The Eagles are showing their progress in music. We also spent time drumming and the Eagles were being very creative with how to make a beat!
A lot of effort went into the art that was done during Art With Larry this week and the Eagles created some great pieces.
In Kindness Class this week Ms Anna talked with the Eagles about how movement can help us calm our emotions. We also talked about Gratitude and how it feels on the inside and how our bodies are able to do many things so we need to take care of our bodies. This includes eating well and being mindful about our meals. They talked about eating slowly with "all the senses".
We also had an opportunity to play Pictionary during one of our morning launches and it was super fun for everyone!
Here is a link to Laura's parent blog with a new strategy for helping your children learn from home.


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