Week 35


Our Quest this week has been working on our gardens. We have been designing a garden and getting it ready to be planted. So far the Eagles' gardens sound like they are going to be beautiful. I look forward to the beautiful flowers and the delicious veggies that will be coming along!
In My Nature Journal this week we spent our time looking for homes of animals and learning about plants. On Thursday the Eagles found the names for a specific plant. The Eagles have been finding really interesting animals and plants to record in their description pages.
In Music class, we had a smaller class than usual and still had lots of fun. Playing harmonica, and recorder. We also spent some time playing virtual pianos.
On Wednesday we launched by playing Pictionary. If you are looking for a fun way to connect with people who you have to talk to remotely that might be a great plan. We had a lot of fun creating drawings that others had to guess what they were
In Kindness Class this week Ms. Anna talked about the people in the community who help us and keep us safe and healthy. They discussed how and when to say "thank you" to people. We also talked about how we are different and the same as others and how we all want peace.
On Friday we celebrated and awarded 3 Milestones toward Badges that have been earned from our hard-working Eagles!!
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Week 34

This week we started our Gardening Quest! We are experimenting to better understand plants and how they execute life functions like eating, breathing, and growing. We are exploring this through targeted experiments like coloring carnations, showing how capillary action draws water up plants. 
During music this week we kept working with harmonicas and learned some new songs. The Eagles are showing their progress in music. We also spent time drumming and the Eagles were being very creative with how to make a beat!
A lot of effort went into the art that was done during Art With Larry this week and the Eagles created some great pieces.
In Kindness Class this week Ms Anna talked with the Eagles about how movement can help us calm our emotions. We also talked about Gratitude and how it feels on the inside and how our bodies are able to do many things so we need to take care of our bodies. This includes eating well and being mindful about our meals. They talked about eating slowly with "all the senses".
We also had an opportunity to play Pictionary during one of our morning launches and it was super fun for everyone!
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Week 33

Thank you to everyone who joined our E-ship Exhibition! The Eagles were excited to share their musical accomplishments and their businesses and booths that they created during the Entrepreneurship Quest.
This week we finished Civilizations for the year with the fall of Rome. The Eagle's insight into the end of the Roman Empire was fascinating. especially regarding the last emperor and his age.
We had a discussion launch this week on Mother's Day and it's history. If you have the time it is quite fascinating to learn about. The Eagles may have some interesting things to say about it.
Ms. Mary delivered the Eagle's musical instruments to their houses this week. Music was extra fun having our harmonica's and recorders to play. The Eagles are showing growth in their musical skills, as evidenced during the Exhibition.
We finished the E-ship quest and The story of My Life Creator's Workshop this week. I appreciate all of the hard work that was put in by the Eagles and those that supported them.
We hope you have a joyous Mother's Day weekend!
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Week 32

This week during Entrepreneur quest time we have been focusing on our ability to sell. Creating sales pitches and practicing them. This has been helping us get ready for the Children's Business Fair and for the exhibition. which is coming up soon. We will be "selling" our products and seeing if we are able to be competitive in the market.
We had a morning launch discussion on diversifying our core skills. We talked about how, even if our jobs are primarily about our ability to do math, that being able to communicate in writing and to know how to read is still important.
In Civilizations, we started in on the fall of Rome. Talking about The Emperor Nero and the splitting of the empire into east and west.
In Music, this was Miss Karen's week off so Mr. TJ took over and worked on rhythms and some piano work.
For art, we are still joining Art To You class with Larry Frates.
We had a grand finale on Friday when Mr TJ and Ms. Mary revealed the new addition to the playground at the Studio!! The Eagles are super excited to use the new play structure, especially since town playgrounds are currently closed. You can see a video tour of the new playground on our facebook page!
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Week 31

In the Entrepreneurship Quest this week the Eagles have been working on their businesses. They worked on the unit economics of their business and how much profit they can make. They stepped into the role of the boss and began to think about how many employees they could have and how much they could spend to keep them working. We also looked at how competition affects us in our businesses.
During Civilizations this week we discussed the early days of Christianity and the end of the kingdom of the Israelites. For Christianity, like Buddhism, we focused on the most formative teachings of Jesus Christ and what happened to his followers after his death. On Thursday we talked about how the Jewish nation ended under Rome and their treatment by many of the powers in the area and the effects that had on them.
In Creators Workshop we kept working on the story of our lives. We discussed how our experiences like the ones we are writing/drawing/singing about shape who we are as a person. We also talked about how different forms of art can be used to create positive feelings and even bring about peace.
For Art, we are continuing with Art To You with Larry Frates. The Eagles seem to really enjoy the classes.
In Music class we had a bit of a rough time getting going. Then, once we knew what we were doing, we had a great time playing digital instruments and working on our rhythms on an electric drum kit!
We had a great morning circle discussion on the difference between effort and trying. The Eagles showed just how insightful they can be. Recognizing that putting in effort means that you worked hard to accomplish a goal and a try was an attempt but said nothing about how hard you worked.
Kindness class has continued with Ms. Anna. The Eagles explored how emotions and thoughts can keep our minds busy and focusing attention can make our minds calm. We also talked about how sometimes we need to wait to do something but then we feel good when we get our turn. The Eagles practiced saying "I'm waiting" and feeling calm about that with the knowledge that they will feel good when they get their turn.
We had a really great parent meeting on Thursday - thank you to everyone for your engagement!
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Week 30

This week has been a flurry of online activity. Civilizations this week focused on Julius Ceaser and Rome ending with the rise of Octavius to the position of "First Citizen" and the title of Augustus Ceaser. The Eagles shared some excellent thoughts on the right of succession and earning respect.
The overarching question we are trying to answer this session is about how we adapt to change. The insight the Eagles have been sharing in launches has been invaluable. If you are struggling to deal with big changes the Eagles are a great resource for inspiration and motivation!
This week we started our Session 6 Quest themed Entrepreneurship. The purpose of the E-ship Quest is to equip the Eagles with skills, tools, and frameworks needed to start a business. This quest has three main goals for Eagles: To learn more about themselves and what they love, to learn as much about entrepreneurship as possible, and to create a business to present at the Exhibition.
This week the Eagles created their businesses, identified products they would like to make, and worked on their logos. They have been working to identify why they would want to run their own business. If all goes as planned (and the world is back to normal this summer!), the Eagles will have a chance to sell their products to the public at the 3rd Annual NH Children's Business Fair on August 8th. Last year we had 27 children-run businesses and over 200 people from the public came to shop!
We had our second digital music class with Ms Karen. She was very fun to work with via computer and we are looking forward to getting to see her again next Tuesday. For art this week we joined Larry Frates again for his animation classes. They are very fun and interesting things to draw and are for all ages. If you want to give them a try the videos are on his Facebook page.
We have started Kindness Class again and Ms. Anna joined us over Google Hangouts on Monday and Friday. We talked about what it means to be a "star listener" and how to "speak from the heart" and how these ideas can help work out problems and make others feel better on the inside. We also talked about being kind to yourself and even to your uncomfortable emotions. We acknowledged that emotions and feelings can change and to show kindness towards someone else who is having a problem.
This session we have also shifted Writer's Workshop to Creator's Workshop. The songs, art, and stories that have been shared so far are very moving and exciting. We look forward to everything the Eagles will create moving forward.
Thank you for all your hard work with the big changes we are dealing with in the management of COVID-19. We look forward to seeing all of you in person again.
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Week 29

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these challenging times. We have been having a rewarding and new experience of learning remotely. Luckily for us, we have Eagles who were up to the challenge! It is wonderful to see the Eagles taking charge of their learning and experiences even at home.
The Eagles took on family badges with their families while we were remote for the last part of this session. I am glad to hear everyone is working on them and glad to see that they are coming to fruition. We look forward to awarding family badges at the next Badge Ceremony!
Civilizations this week was about Confucius and the rise of Julius Caesar. We talked mostly about kindness with Confucius and ambition with Caesar. The Eagles were very engaged and had a lot to say about benevolence and ambition. We had wonderful conversations.
We joined an online art class this week with Larry Frates from the Belknap Mill. It was wonderful to see the excellent drawings that the Eagles produced from watching the live stream.
We hope that everyone has a wonderful break! We look forward to our next session and the Entrepreneurship Quest! Together we will tackling the remaining challenges of learning remotely as we move forward in our learning and experiences. Thank you for helping to forge this new path on our collective Hero's Journey!
Here is a link to a great podcast about your child learning from home. What I love about this conversation is that they remind us to look for the moments when your child "loses themselves" in an activity and is experiencing pure joy. Let them have this precious time without interruptions! Yes, we want them to plug away at core skills, but it is more important to be able to follow your heart and your passion and to let your Eagle fully explore something that they find interesting.

Week 26

This week has been very interesting. The Quest this week has been called Natural Disaster! It has challenged the Eagles to cope with issues and find ways to work around them. The Eagles have done an excellent job working through all of the problems that we have encountered. This includes: figuring how to make core skills work with limited space and limited resources, finding workarounds to challenges that were presented by Mr. TJ, and looking for solutions to social issues that arise by limited space. So far the Eagles have comported themselves very well. The social issues have been surprisingly few.
The Quest challenges have been: On Monday, the Eagles had to work their way across the slack-line to rescue "Brenda" as well as crossing a raging river using fewer "buoys" than they had feet. On Wednesday the Eagles had to contain some "toxic waste" that was dumped out in a flood, redesign a bridge that was washed away, and rescue "Gary" form a raft in a river using only two boards! The focus this week has been on problem-solving and adapting to situations that are not very comfortable.
We spent A LOT of time outdoors this week, even walking to Opechee Park for lunch on Monday. The Eagles enjoyed poking at the the ice with sticks (from a distance!) and seeing how it would break apart and make noises.
Wednesday was our first after-school lego club and the Eagles LOVED it. They had a ton of fun, thank you Jamie for hosting!
During music this week the eagles continued working on their skills with rhythm and beat, as well as learning some new songs to sing. At Art, they worked through following specific directions to accomplish a piece of art. The snakes they made were interesting a lot of creative decorations on each. Unfortunately, PE did not happen and we went to the park at Bartlett beach to play instead since Ms Sherry was out today.
In Civilizations this week we learned more about Rome, specifically the Punic wars and Hannibal's use of elephants in war. We discussed whether the use of warships or elephants during war-time was more helpful.
We had a great launch discussion about giving feedback and using "I" statements and expressing your feelings well.
Writer's Workshop is focused on Communication in this session. We are practicing coding and decoding conversations. Learning that slang and other languages are just codes that we need to figure out in order to understand people. The Eagles did Stump Mr. TJ with the code they created which was very creative and challenging to figure out. 
During Town Hall the Eagles agreed to start a recycling bin for glass, plastic and aluminum.

Week 25

This week has been incredibly fun! Last week the Eagles were challenged by Mr. TJ to beat him in an engineering contest and they were successful. This meant that they earned an extra session of adventure time for this week. We used it to explore the pyramid park (Bartlett Beach) on Thursday morning. While there we saw a bald eagle standing very close to us on the ice and later saw two more eagles (or maybe the same one with its mate)! 
Our other day of adventure this week was a trip ice skating at Merrill Fay arena. Nolan showed us all of his skating skills while the other Eagles showed off how quickly they can pick up new skills. We had a few spills, though every fall was recovered from quickly. Tuesday was such a beautiful day that we made the executive decision to be outside as much as possible! That meant an impromptu hike at Waukewan Highlands where the Eagles built forts in the woods and enjoyed the fresh air.
During music this week The Eagles learned about some different kinds of notes, like whole and half notes. The Eagles then practiced counting the notes using drums and pianos.
In art, the Eagles worked on their origami skills. They made paper airplanes and secret letters. The process was fun to watch.
In PE the Eagles were working on striking skills using rackets, fly swatters, and pool noodles. It was exciting to watch. and the Eagles really worked hard.
We have changed up the Writers workshop this session. This session we are focusing on learning how we communicate. This includes the way we send our messages to others and how others receive them. This helps us understand other people's messages better. We are even going over body language and how to interpret other's actions and faces. Also, what does it mean to be polite? How close do you stand to someone when talking? And other nuances of communication!
In Civilizations we talked about Rome more and the types of things they liked to watch for entertainment. The eagles really did not like the idea of how they treated the people that entertained them, and did not give them the respect and freedoms that the Eagles think they deserved.
Kindness class with Ms Anna is still a big hit. This week the Eagles started a Kindness Garden Poster where they can recognize each other for acts of Kindness. Each act of Kindness is a "seed" in the garden that will eventually turn into a "flower". They also practiced deep breathing and how to follow their breathing to quiet the emotions on the inside. We read the book "A Quiet Place" and discussed the benefits of having a space where you can go to reset and be with your thoughts.
Edison's Lab Quest was exciting this week! The Eagles built water wheels with weights attached that needed to be lifted up by a dowel just with the energy of water. There were a lot of cheers when the wheels started working!
In case you missed the announcement, we will be having a 1 week summer camp: SURVIVOR QUEST from July 6-10th. You can register here.
Here is a link to Laura's Blog on Acton Tools you can use at home!! This is a good one!!!

Week 24

We welcomed the Eagles back to the studio this week after their break! For this session will be doing multiple, mini Quests. Our first quest project is called Edison's Lab! This quest is focused on the scientific process and inquisition. We started by practicing our observational skills and then started working towards solving problems. We learned about multiple "hero" scientists and choose Avatars to embody while on the quest. On Wednesday we learned how pullies work and then were challenged with making a pulley system to pull Mr. TJ's car across the parking lot! It was challenging and quite fun.
We are VERY excited to be introducing a new Kindness/Mindfullness Class to Monday and Friday mornings. Ms. Anna was a hit with the Eagles and she taught them how to pay attention on the inside (breathing and emotions) and on the outside (what is happening around me that is influencing me). The Eagles noticed how calm they felt when they were breathing deeply. They also planted seeds in flower pots and had to wait their turn to use the dirt, seeds, and water. They were asked to really focus on how that made them feel on the inside to have to wait their turn. They are all excited to watch their flowers grow!
In Music this week the Eagles practiced more recorder work and kept working on their piano skills. They started to learn chords and what they mean.
In PE the Eagles worked on counting using dice to pick their workouts. Ms Sherry is showing us how learning never stops.
In Art, we didn't have Miss Sanni this week so Mr. TJ helped the eagles work on learning how and why inventors create patent drawings. The Eagles were able to draw patents and really appreciate the details involved!
In civilizations we learned about the Romans. We heard stories about their Gods, in particular the story about Persephone. We also learned how they made nice roads (which were unheard of in those days), aqueducts, public baths and apartment buildings. They also were the first civilization to erect "milestones" or road signs on their roads so that people would know which direction they were going and how many miles they had to go. They invented concrete which helped them build their 5 story apartment buildings. We discussed which of the Roman inventions we thought was the most important and why.
This week's adventure was a trip to Rambling View Farm in Gilford, a beautiful area for a hike. There are cross country ski and XC mountain bike trails there if you are looking for a place to adventure in any season.